Turbulence Training and The Lean Body Mindset

One of the goals of all health oriented individuals is the lean body.  We all know the type.  The person with the lean body is the envy of just about everyone.

We believe that the first and most important step in making your body leaner is to get your mind in the right place.  To start thinking the right way.  To have the mindset that enables you to start realizing your dream.  Diet and exercise are very hard to maintain, and without the right mindset it is just about impossible to stay on track and realize your goals.

We call this mindset the Lean Body Mindset.  It is all about helping you understand the facts about burning fat, losing weight and building lean muscles.  Once you stop being mislead my myths and half truths, then you can start to focus.  You can start to have the right goals using techniques that work.  We do not make you the false promise that you will lose weight by thinking alone.  It is a combination of a well informed mindset, goals, action and discipline.

The actions required include following a good healthy diet and getting the right kind of exercise that helps your body get leaner and boost metabolisms.

That’s were Turbulence Training, created by Craig Ballantyne of Men’s Health magazine, comes in.  Turbulence Training is highly varied interval training that works different parts of your body in different ways each time. The goal of this highly varied interval training is designed specifically to help busy men and women such as students, executives and parents with young children to get the best results in the least amount of time.

This website is focused on providing you with sample articles to help you understand the concepts of the lean body mindset, free resources to help you get started with Turbulence Training and our eBook – The Lean Body Mindset which is an excellent compliment to Turbulence Training and other programs designed to help you get a leaner body.

Please explore our site, use the information and find your way to a lean body.